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  • Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel

    Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel High Technology, All in one, 22”, Visual Acuity Tester

    High Technology, All in one, 22”, Visual Acuity Tester

    • LCD 22” Screen, calibrated and certified luminance.
    • Wall mounting and portable
    • Lifelong LCD calibrated constant luminance
    • Completely silent (fan-less)
    • Fast built on and instant off (Embedded Linux Operating System)
    • All letters chart with contrast sensitivity function
    • Polarization 45 / 135 degree (optional)
    • Complete, precise and versatile software for a fast acuity evaluation, programmable patient’s acuity examination
    • Free internet upgrade software via USB key
    • Long-life up to date technology at a competitive price.

    Charts and ETDRS

    • From 0.3/10 to 16/10, 13 contrast LogSC levels, random, single letter, single line, multi-line, red and green.
    • Contrast Sensitivity Test
    • 144 calibrated stimuli, 3 random inclinations, 8 contrast sensitivity levels, 6 spacial frequency levels (from 0.75 to 18 cycle/degree), graph report.
    • Ishihara Tables (25 brightness calibrated tables)
    • Stereo Test (15 tables)
    • To use with red-green glasses
  • Burton SL-3MZD Digital Slit Lamp

    The Burton SL3MZD Digital Slit Lamp combines traditional design with superior optics.