Ophthalmic Equipment

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  • Burton Bark 800 Auto Refractor / Auto Keratometer

    The Burton Bark 800 brilliantly designed technology that measures the eye with ultra-precision and speed to provide reliable data as the starting point for your refraction and contact lens fitting.

    It’s compact and modern design enables seamless operation and enhanced patient comfort, making it the ideal choice for any ophthalmic practice.

    Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for its improvements.

  • Burton BR8500 Manual Refractor

    The Burton BR8500 has a proven attractive design and a comfortable feel to make the refraction process more relaxed. All the lenses are coated in high-grade plated film which eliminates any glare or ghost images.

    The BR8500 manual refractor provides precision excellence in refractive setting. Spherical power ranges from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps (-29.00DS to +26.75DS and ±0.12D steps with auxiliary lens). Cylindrical power ranges from 0 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps (0 to -8.00D with auxiliary lens). All the lenses are coated in high-grade plated film to eliminate any glare or ghost images.

  • Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel

    Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel High Technology, All in one, 22”, Visual Acuity Tester

    High Technology, All in one, 22”, Visual Acuity Tester

    • LCD 22” Screen, calibrated and certified luminance.
    • Wall mounting and portable
    • Lifelong LCD calibrated constant luminance
    • Completely silent (fan-less)
    • Fast built on and instant off (Embedded Linux Operating System)
    • All letters chart with contrast sensitivity function
    • Polarization 45 / 135 degree (optional)
    • Complete, precise and versatile software for a fast acuity evaluation, programmable patient’s acuity examination
    • Free internet upgrade software via USB key
    • Long-life up to date technology at a competitive price.

    Charts and ETDRS

    • From 0.3/10 to 16/10, 13 contrast LogSC levels, random, single letter, single line, multi-line, red and green.
    • Contrast Sensitivity Test
    • 144 calibrated stimuli, 3 random inclinations, 8 contrast sensitivity levels, 6 spacial frequency levels (from 0.75 to 18 cycle/degree), graph report.
    • Ishihara Tables (25 brightness calibrated tables)
    • Stereo Test (15 tables)
    • To use with red-green glasses
  • Burton SL-3MZ Slit Lamp

    The Burton SL3MZ slit lamp has a Galilean converging optical system and integrated illumination. It employs a Carl Zeiss type lighting system and has a rotating drum with three magnifications, 10x, 16x and 25x.

    The Burton SL-3MZ offers a wide range of attractive features for the eye care professional. Assembled with high-quality components, including aluminum gears and bronze joints, the SL-3MZ offers incomparable durability in addition to excellent performance. It is also designed to easily incorporate additional accessories, including a beam splitter and an applanation tonometer.

  • Burton SL-3MZD Digital Slit Lamp

    The Burton SL3MZD Digital Slit Lamp combines traditional design with superior optics.

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    Burton XL 4000 Chair and Stand

    No hydraulics, means a cleaner office. Quiet, smooth electrical operation of both the chair and the slit lamp arm.

    Chair Features:

    • Multifunction chair & Unit Elevation Control.
    • Chair is fully flexible, rotating, and reclinable.
    • The seat is polyurethane filled for the ultimate seating pleasure. The headrest is adjustable with a single locking lever.
    • Movement control is powered with a quiet, German DC-Marked motor. Rotation is a full 180 degrees.
    • Incline can be controlled from both the chair side and control panel. Installation can be for either right hand or left hand operations.
    • The foot switch has fluid movement total positions up, down, front, back and return.
  • Icare ic100 Tonometer

    Icare® ic100 is the professional’s choice.  The device requires no drops, air or specialized skills for use.  The Icare® ic100 uses patented rebound technology to measure intraocular pressure. Its light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea.  Icare’s proprietary algorithm coupled with state-of-the art software allows the device to evaluate deceleration, contact time and other motion parameters of the probe when it touches the cornea.  The new premium design and user interface brings measuring intraocular pressure to a higher level.