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    Zeiss NC4 Neurosurgical Microscope (Pre-Owned)

    Legendary optics have always been the hallmark of surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss. Dedication to delivering the newest in optical concepts is why Carl Zeiss is the leader in products for microsurgery.

    Every facet of the NC 4’s predecessor systems was studied relentlessly by Carl Zeiss engineers and product developers. After improving upon essential components such as optics and ease of movement, ingenious “firsts” such as the integrated Heads-Up display and AutoFocus were added to ensure optimum support for new techniques such as image guided microsurgery.

    The neurosurgical community has validated Carl Zeiss’ efforts by making the OPMI Neuro/NC4 the most successful neurosurgical system in Zeiss’ history, and by quickly establishing it as the system of choice for integration with every major image guided system.

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    Zeiss OPMI VISU 160 Microscope (Pre-Owned)

    OPMI VISU 160 As Multifaceted as the Challenges of Ophthalmic Surgery OPMI VISU® 160 was designed specifically for hospitals that perform a broad spectrum of ophthalmic surgical procedures. The versatile configuration and accessory options are tailored to meet the needs of the surgeon:

    Visualization in anterior segment surgery

    • With BrightFlex illumination, consisting of 2° and fading 6° illumination, for a bright red reflex and best light conditions.
    • DeepView, the depth of field management system that allows you to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
    • Integrated illuminated slit for retro-illumination during lens extraction, for example.
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    Zeiss Humphrey HFA II 750i (Pre-Owned)

    Advanced analysis with comprehensive connectivity options
    Validated by more than 30 years of research, design and clinical experience, the Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA™) is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management. With over 65,000 installed units worldwide, the HFA is the premier automated visual field analyzer.

    • World standard of care
    • All major clinical trials have relied on the Humphrey
    • Connectivity to office network and EMR
    • GPA™: perimetry progression software; allows for full analysis on one page
    • GPA minimizes false positives by taking into account test-retest variability of the general population
    • VFI™ minimizes the effects of cataracts for the purpose of measuring progression
    • STATPAC™ analysis: sophisticated analysis made simple
    • SITA algorithm for fast and precise visual field threshold measurements
    • Gaze tracking: highly precise, real-time measurements for reliability
    • SITA-SWAP provides early detection (Model 745i and 750i only)
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    Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Model 4000 (Pre-Owned)

    The CIRRUS family of OCT instruments offers a choice of high-quality OCT clinical solutions to assist you in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and retina disease across all levels of care.

    Keeping both your patients and your practice in mind, Carl Zeiss Meditec, the global leader in OCT, developed Cirrus HD-OCT. not only does it supply you with bar setting imagery, it delivers detailed diagnostic and change analysis you can rely on time and again. Along with its small footprint and fast capture speeds, Cirrus is designed to improve workflow efficiency while helping you deliver better care to your patients.

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    Burton XL 4000 Chair and Stand

    No hydraulics, means a cleaner office. Quiet, smooth electrical operation of both the chair and the slit lamp arm.

    Chair Features:

    • Multifunction chair & Unit Elevation Control.
    • Chair is fully flexible, rotating, and reclinable.
    • The seat is polyurethane filled for the ultimate seating pleasure. The headrest is adjustable with a single locking lever.
    • Movement control is powered with a quiet, German DC-Marked motor. Rotation is a full 180 degrees.
    • Incline can be controlled from both the chair side and control panel. Installation can be for either right hand or left hand operations.
    • The foot switch has fluid movement total positions up, down, front, back and return.
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    Zeiss IOL Master Model 5 (Pre-Owned)

    The rapid evolution of IOL technology promises superior outcomes in cataract surgery, and it necessarily raises the bar for pre-operative biometry. The IOL Master from Carl Zeiss set the standard for highly accurate, precise measurements of all ocular characteristics necessary for IOL power calculations. The IOL Master from Carl Zeiss was the world’s first instrument for the totally non-contact measurement of all data required for the calculation of intraocular lenses. After more than ten years of clinical experience and ongoing product enhancement, the IOLMaster is truly the Gold Standard in biometry.

    Two advantages for more efficiency with the IOLMaster, you save time and space in your office. All biometric measurements are possible with a single system. Without any need to relocate your patient, you measure all parameters required to calculate the IOL power: axial length, corneal radii, whiteto-white and anterior chamber depth. The results are available immediately.

  • Icare ic100 Tonometer

    Icare® ic100 is the professional’s choice.  The device requires no drops, air or specialized skills for use.  The Icare® ic100 uses patented rebound technology to measure intraocular pressure. Its light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea.  Icare’s proprietary algorithm coupled with state-of-the art software allows the device to evaluate deceleration, contact time and other motion parameters of the probe when it touches the cornea.  The new premium design and user interface brings measuring intraocular pressure to a higher level.

  • Zeiss VISUSCOUT 100 Handheld Fundus Camera

    Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality care and to maintaining the vision of your patients. The VISUSCOUT™ 100 from ZEISS lets you do precisely that. As a mobile fundus camera, it is the perfect imaging companion.

    Flexible and mobile fundus imaging

    Packed into a small, rugged carrying case, the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 can be conveniently transported and easily fits into any practice setup. Thanks to the camera’s non-mydriatic operation and precise autofocus function, dilation of the eyes is not required. Its battery power provides added flexibility and independence. The optional WiFi functionality enables instant transfer of images to a PC or mobile device.

  • Zeiss VISULENS 500 Digital Lensmeter

    The ZEISS VISULENS 500 is a simple, easy to-use automated lensmeter designed to speed up your practice efficiency. The instrument helps you to spend more time on customer and patient consultation or simply to increase your throughput. It will support you by checking correct lens centration in order to insure accuracy. The Visulens 500 also measures UV transmission at four different wavelengths, measures PD and has a built in thermal printer.

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