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    Zeiss NC4 Neurosurgical Microscope (Pre-Owned)

    Legendary optics have always been the hallmark of surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss. Dedication to delivering the newest in optical concepts is why Carl Zeiss is the leader in products for microsurgery.

    Every facet of the NC 4’s predecessor systems was studied relentlessly by Carl Zeiss engineers and product developers. After improving upon essential components such as optics and ease of movement, ingenious “firsts” such as the integrated Heads-Up display and AutoFocus were added to ensure optimum support for new techniques such as image guided microsurgery.

    The neurosurgical community has validated Carl Zeiss’ efforts by making the OPMI Neuro/NC4 the most successful neurosurgical system in Zeiss’ history, and by quickly establishing it as the system of choice for integration with every major image guided system.

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    Zeiss OPMI VISU 160 Microscope (Pre-Owned)

    OPMI VISU 160 As Multifaceted as the Challenges of Ophthalmic Surgery OPMI VISU® 160 was designed specifically for hospitals that perform a broad spectrum of ophthalmic surgical procedures. The versatile configuration and accessory options are tailored to meet the needs of the surgeon:

    Visualization in anterior segment surgery

    • With BrightFlex illumination, consisting of 2° and fading 6° illumination, for a bright red reflex and best light conditions.
    • DeepView, the depth of field management system that allows you to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
    • Integrated illuminated slit for retro-illumination during lens extraction, for example.