Optovue Solix SD-OCT:
Optovue Solix is the next generation FullRange® OCT
and OCT-Angiography with a multitude of imaging
options, enhanced metrics, integrated fundus camera,
and external IR imaging. Optovue Solix is a new technology built upon a proven foundation of high-speed Spectral Domain OCT. With 120kHz scan speed, higher scan density, and better precision. This FullRange OCT delivers unparalleled data and efficiency.
• Retina – FullRange Retina generates a 16×6.25mm scan enabling visualization of the vitreous and high myopes. The new high density 3D scans provide the images and data for comprehensive retinal analysis.
• Glaucoma – DualTrac, SSADA, MCT, and AI segmentation components combined produce a 3D scan with 3x better R&R than previous systems for precise measurement of nerve fiber and change over time.
• Anterior segment – FullRange Anterior scan 18×6.25mm to visualize and measure the entire Anterior chamber or crystalline lens, combined with pachymetry and angle measurements.
New Solix w/ OCT A analytics for blood flow analysis:
1. Priced on average $35,000 below closest competitor w/ this level of technology, features and benefits.
2. OCT Angiography w/ FDA Cleared analytics – Vessel Density, vascular drop out, fluid analysis.
3. Dry Eye solutions – IR Lid imaging to capture meibomian glands.
4. Full Range Anterior segment – and complete thickness cornea maps – Epithelial maps.
5. Full Range Retina – 16 mm across by 6 mm deep – plus all standard reports with full density scans, HD raster scans, etc.
6. Complete Glaucoma solutions- Angles to Ganglion Cells, RNFL and Neuro Retinal Rim, plus eye tracking for very high-level reproducibility.
7. High quality true-color medical-grade fundus camera
8. iWellness reports along with Angio Wellness reports for all your wellness exams.
9. Advance viewing software for Dynamic review of all images
10. Enterprise software to line, review and connect patient data on your server.