Designed especially for the Pediatric Eye Care Professional

The Smart System PC-Plus was developed for, and by, pediatric eye care professionals. Hands-free fixation allows the doctor to easily control the child’s visual attention while performing a retinoscopy. And the illuminated LCD keypad was designed to display what is being projected on the LCD monitor, thereby allowing the pediatric eye care professional to maintain their focus on the child.

Key Features of the Smart System PC-Plus:

  • Auto-DVD Play
  • ATS Amblyopic Treatment Study Interface
  • Smart System Tablet Controller
  • Hands-Free Fixation Control
  • Threshold Distance Stereo Testing
  • External Fixation Box with Lights and Sound (optional add-on)
  • ColorCheck Color Vision Screening
  • Fixation Animations and Videos
  • Single Fixation Light
  • Non-Accommodative Fixation Target

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