The apochromatic optics of the main microscope provide superb optical quality. The microscope image displays optimum contrast and excellent detail recognition along with a large depth of field. The bright microscope image is a particular benefit in vitreoretinal surgery. A 1:6 ratio zoom system allows the magnification of the overall system to be set as required by the surgical procedure. Two apochromatic objective lenses with focal lengths of 175 mm and 200 mm are available for different working distances. A 180° tiltable tube is used as a viewing device for the surgeon. The large tilt range allows work with minimum fatigue. The standard equipment includes eyepieces with a magnification factor of 12.5x (option: 10x). The illumination system has been designed for use in ophthalmology.  An additional illumination system produces an intensive red reflex even when the eye is decentered. The angle of illumination can be switched from +2° to -2°.

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