Arris Medical Systems is proud to be selected as an Authorized Zeiss Dealer. Jack Regan founder of Arris Medical Systems is recognized for his expertise and experience by the medical industry.  In fact, the company that has known him best for the past 27 years, Carl Zeiss, has entrusted their brand to his capable stewardship and make him an authorized dealer of their world-class products.

Exclusive Benefits and Services as an Authorized Dealer:

  • Factory trained and certified to sell Zeiss registered medical devices, factory service, training and extended warranties.
  • Products are licensed and registered directly with Zeiss, maintaining product viability for factory service warranties and future product upgrades.
  • Zeiss licensed software with the ability to upgrade as applicable.


Only Zeiss factory-authorized parts are used. Detail-oriented exterior refurbishment. Complete system check to verify the system meets original factory specification and performance.

We welcome you to browse our inventory and contact us to learn more about our extensive Zeiss technology and services.

Arris Medical Systems
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